Forensic Analysis & Financial Investigation

Forensic analysis is simply a detailed investigation into something that happened. It uncovers and documents the details of the incident. The ultimate goal is to extract as much useful information from the documents as possible regarding the who, what, when, where, and why of what happened.

A financial investigation is about determining where the money comes from, how it moves through accounts, and how it is used. This type of investigation is used in divorce proceedings, locating hidden assets, tax evasion, bankruptcy, criminal investigations, theft, embezzlement, money laundering, corporate, and many other types of investigations.

This information is critical for courts of law and law enforcement agencies and is often connected with evidence to the court in criminal or civil matters. It involves a wide range of techniques, investigative procedures, and methods.

After being retained by your attorney, Facts & Figures Forensics will follow the money, locate hidden assets and analyze the data to tell the story of what happened.

Each case is unique. Because of this, the actual approach Facts & Figures Forensics will use and the
procedures performed will be specific to it. Generally, I will perform an in-depth review of documents, information, or data. I objectively identify the relevant issues and analyze them in order to determine what took place. My analysis will result in supportable, logical conclusions.

Thank you for the constant communication and extremely detailed report. Daniel