Facts & Figures Forensics is a forensic accounting firm. I perform fraud investigations, forensic analyses, litigation support, and fraud prevention services. My strengths come from my strong background in accounting and audit combined with my specialized knowledge and experience in court matters and financial documents.

As a forensic accountant, I am a neutral party that reviews documentation and tells the story of the facts and figures of the case.  If you don’t have documents, I can’t help you.

Employee Embezzlement

Facts & Figures Forensics provides fraud investigation services to help companies identify fraud if it has occurred.

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Litigation Support

Facts & Figures Forensics provides litigation support and forensic accounting services for either party in a legal dispute.

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Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis is simply a detailed investigation into something that happened.

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Fraud Prevention Services

Facts & Figures Forensics can review your current internal controls and provide recommendations to strengthen them.

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